Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tomcat Sword and NScp Lagendary Sword | Ninja Saga

NScP Legendary Sword

Tools :
This is Tutor Manually ;
  •  Open Facebook 
  • CLEAR  CHACE : press  ctrl   + shift + delete .. Clear Chace / tembolok
  • Download and Install and Open Fiddler
  • When use Firefox Change Tools >>> Monitor with fiddler >>> Use Fiddler Automatic
  • Click autoresponder tab and and Check box Unmatched ... and Enable Auto Respons
  • Drag  SWF to Fiddler, input password  -NScP-
  • Open Ninja Saga  and Play..
  • Go to SHOP
  •  Buy  Tomcat legend Weapon and NScP Legend  Weapon
  • *Happy Cheating*
This is How to Use this Hack.. Watch with Carefull : 

Credit: -NScP- & Tomcat 
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